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Cosmetic and medical services

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Our daycare offers the following services in addition to the bed and breakfast, these services can also be booked separately as one-off service fee. Cash and credit card payment is possible on the spot!

Nail clipping (cat, rabbit, guinea pig): for indoor cats can sometimes be inconvenient if the claws are very sharp. It can cause injuries while playing, or potentially cause damages in our furniture. Owners are usually afraid to cut their pet's claws at home, so feel free to consult a vet, a beautician or us. ;) 

It is important to remember that semi-indoor/semi-outdoor cats should not have their claws clipped!

Price: 1800 huf
Ear cleaning (cats, rabbits, guinea pigs): sometimes it's necessary to clean the cat's ears: before treating for mites or just as part of regular grooming. There are some cats that may not need their ears cleaned ever in their lives, however if you do need assistance leave it to a professional. It is not an easy task.
Price: 1800 huf
Professional Bioptron lamp treatment (any species): the Bioptron lamp now has a history of more than 30 years. Originally introduced in human medicine as an alternative treatment for a list of purposes, and not long after it started being used in veterinary medicine as well.
Animals find it difficult to have their movements limited due to an injury or aging, they do not understand the concept of being restricted. Bioptron hyperlight speeds up the wound healing process and alleviates joint pain, allowing the animals to get better sooner. It acts naturally, strengthening the body's ability to repair itself. Animals are very intelligent creatures and they know what's the best and quickest way for their recovery, hence why they are naturally attracted to the benefit of healing light. Treatment has to be administered with good care to ensure that it lasts long. Health improvement is noticeable at a quite early stage which unfortunately encourages many owners or therapists to stop treatment early. This can lead to relapse. Just to give you an example, treatment of skin diseases (dermatomycosis) should be continued until completed the course you were given, although inflammatory symptoms and itching may disappear after only 1-2 visits. Same as antibiotics. You don't stop in the middle of the course just because you feel better as it can cause more damage than good.
How it works:
The light energy that passes through the tissues and is gradually absorbed by them induces chemical changes that are very significant from a therapeutic point of view:
  • improves blood circulation
  • helps wounds to heal (treatment of post-operative scars
  • scar reduction (exfoliation, skin diseases)
  • reduces inflammation (arthritis, arthritis, arthrosis, dermatitis)
  • accelerates the absorption of haematomas (soft tissue injuries of muscles, tendons, ligaments, sprains, strains, sprains, sprains)
  • pain relief.

Price depending on the length of the treatment (minimum 5-15 minutes): 1800-4800 huf

Available "Arthritis 10 times package" (10x15 minutes): 45.000 huf

Pre-booking required.