Üdvözöljük a Bastet kisállat- és cicapanzió honlapján!

Welcome to the website of Bastet pet and cat pension!

Ez az a hely, ahol kedvencére vigyázunk, amíg ön pihen vagy éppen üzleti úton van.

This is the place where your pet will be looked after while you are relaxing or on a business trip.

Kérdése van? Hívjon minket! +36703212878

Welcome to Bastet Pet Hotel

Hey everyone,
My name is Ermesz Noémi Diána, I graduated as a veterinary assistant in 2015 with commendable results. Prior to that I had the opportunity to work as a nurse in the Budapest Zoo, and currently I'm the "mother" of 7 cats (and a dog, and lets not forget about my daughter and husband lol), so I would say I have gained a little bit of experience over the past decade.
Our little day care is located in the beautiful suburbs of Budapest, district XVIII. currently we accept small animals like cats, rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, hamsters, squirrels, even non-hazardous reptiles and amphibians, full price list you find here link. We currently have 2 smaller kennel, 3 medium kennel and 3 bigger one which can comfortably fit 2 cats. We are also in the process of making an outdoor volier and a covered rabbit run for outdoors. We also carry out small hygienic treatments like nail clipping, ear cleaning, and we welcome animals with long term medical conditions who needs extra care. (animals with diabetic, allergic, special heart conditions, or other long term illnesses). We also offer professional Bioptron lamp treatment for any species, you can find more information under link. We also do transportation, can pick up and drop of your little favourite if you don't have the time or vehicle to do it yourself.
Please note we can only accommodate animals with no infectious disease who had all necessary vaccinations, and have an up to date medical book. Before boarding, please make sure that the antiparasitic product you are using on your pet is effective (Flea and worm treatment)! It is in your interest and ours!
We work hand in hand with one of Budapest's oldest veterinary practices, the St. Bernat Pestimrei Pet Clinic. Your pet could not be in better hands in an emergency, special thanks to Dr. Tamas Zöldi and his wonderful team.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us on 0670-321-2878. Please also fill in the Registration form in case of a telephone appointment!
Looking forward to hearing from you :)